(Islands, U.S. territory, in the south central Pacific Ocean)
(Dependent territory)
Flag of Samoa
Map of Samoa
Coat of Arms of Samoa
Formal name :              NA
Continent :                    Oceania
Government type :      U.S. territory with local self-government
Capital :                          Pago Pago
Currency :                     United State Dollar, code: USD, sign: $
Language :                    English, Samoan
Religion :                       Christianity
Driving mode :             Right hand side of the road
Time zone :                  GMT-11
Coordinates :               14.2710ºS, 170.1322ºW
Area :                             199 km²
ISO code :                     AS & ASM
Status :                         U.S. dependency
Source :                        Internet
                                      Data updated on 01 July 2021
Parliament of Samoa
National Monument - Rose Atoll
Samoa, a group of islands, is an unincorporated territory of the United States located in the South Central Pacific Ocean. Samoa is to the east of the International Date Line. It lies about 2600 kilometers northeast of New Zealand and 3500 kilometers southwest of Hawaii.  
Korean War Memorial
National Mausoleum - Satata Cemetery
National flower of Samoa (Paogo)
National bird & animal of Samoa (Tooth-billed Pigeon)
National tree of Samoa (Ulafala)
National sport of Samoa (Rugby union)
National dish of Samoa (Panipopo)
National drink of Samoa (Kava)