(Country in North America)
(British Commonwealth Member)
Flag of Canada
Map of Canada
National emblem of Canada
Formal name           : Canada
Continent                 : North America
Government type   : Federal parliamentary democracy
Capital                      : Ottawa
Currency                  : Canadian Dollar, code: CAD, sign: C$
Language                 : English, French
Religion                    : Christianity
Driving mode          : Right hand side of the road
Time zone                : GMT-5 (Ottawa)
Coordinates             : 56.1304ºN, 106.3468ºW
Area                          : 9,985,000 km²
ISO code                  : CA & CAN
Source                      : Internet
                                    Data updated on 01 July 2021
Parliament building of Canada
National War Memorial of Canada
Canada is a country in North America and it is located to the northern end of the continent. Canada is bordered by the North Atlantic Ocean to the east;  the Pacific Ocean to the west; the Arctic Ocean to the north; USA to the south and northwest.
National flower of Canada (Bunchberry)
National fruit of Canada (Blueberry)
National bird of Canada (Gray Jay)
National tree of Canada (Maple)
National sport of Canada (Lacrosse)
National animal of Canada (Beaver)
National dish of Canada (Poutine)
National drink of Canada (Caesar)