(Country in Africa)
Flag of Cape Verde
Map of Cape Verde
National emblem of Cape Verde
Formal name           : The Republic of Cabo Verde
Continent                 : Africa
Government type   : Democratic republic
Capital                      : Praia
Currency                  : Cape Verdean Escudo, code: CVE, sign: $
Language                 : Portuguese
Religion                    : Christianity
Driving mode          : Right hand side of the road
Time zone                : GMT-1
Coordinates             : 6.5388ºN, 23.0418ºW
Area                          : 4,033 km²
ISO code                  : CV & CPV
Source                      : Internet
                                    Data updated on 01 July 2021
National Assembly House of Cape Verde
National Public Library of Cape Verde

Cape Verde is a country in Africa and it is an island country in Central Atlantic Ocean, west side of the continent. Cape Verde lies between 600 to 800 kilometers, in the Atlantic Ocean, west of Africa continent.

National flower of Cape Verde (Gerbery Daisy)
National bird of Cape Verde (Grey-headed Kingfisher)
National sport of Cape Verde (Football)
National fish of Cape Verde (Tuna)
National dish of Cape Verde (Cachupa)
National drink of Cape Verde (Grogue)
National animal of Cape Verde (Manatree)