Faroe Islands

(Located in the North Atlantic Ocean, Overseas Territory of Denmark)
(Dependent territory)
Flag of Faroe Islands
Map of Faroe Islands
Coat of arms of Faroe Islands
Formal name : NA
Continent : Europe
Government type : Parliamentary democracy
Capital : Torshavn
Currency : Danish Krone code: DKK, sign: kr
Language : Faroese, Danish
Religion : Christianity
Driving mode : Right hand side of the road
Time zone : GMT
Coordinates : 61.8926ºN, 6.9118ºW
Area : 1,399 km²
ISO code : FO & FRO
Status : Autonomous territory of the Kingdom of Denmark
Source : Internet
Data updated on 01 July 2021
National Parliament of the Faroe Islands
Faroe Islands Memorial Monument
Faroe Islands, group of islands, in the North Atlantic Ocean between Iceland & Norway. Iceland is to the northwest, Norway to the east & the United Kingdom to the southeast.  
National Museum of the Faroe Islands
National flower of Faroe Islands (Butter Cup)
National bird of the Faroe Islands (Oystercatcher)
National sport of Faroe Islands (Football)
National Monument of the Faroe Islands (The Kongaminni)
National dish of Faroe Islands (Skerpikjot)
National drink of the Faroe Islands (Rusdrekkasola Landsino)