(Country in Europe)
(European Union Member)
Flag of France
Map of France
National emblem of France
Formal name           : French Republic
Continent                 : Europe
Government type   : Semi-presidential republic
Capital                      : Paris
Currency                  : Euro, code: EUR, sign: €
Language                 : French
Religion                    : Christianity
Driving mode          : Right hand side of the road
Time zone                : GMT+1
Coordinates             : 46.2276ºN, 2.2137ºE
Area                          : 643,801 km²
ISO code                  : FR & FRA
Source                      : Internet
                                    Data updated on 01 July 2021
National Assembly of France
National Library of France
France is a country in Europe continent and it is located in Western Europe. France shares borders with Germany and Belgium to the northeast; Switzerland to the east; Italy to the southeast; the English Channel to the northwest; the North Atlantic Ocean to the west; Spain to the southwest. 
National Museum of Natural History of France
Monument of France (Eiffel Tower)
National flower of France (Iris)
National fruit of France (Nectarin)
National bird of France (Gallic Rooster)
National tree of France (Yew)
National sport of France (Football)
National dish of France (Pot-au-feu)
National drink of France (pastis)