(World’s largest island, located in the north of the Atlantic Ocean)
(Dependent territory)
Flag of Greenland
Map of Greenland
Coat of arms of Greenland
Formal name : Kalaallit Nunaat
Continent : North America
Government type : Parliamentary democracy
Capital : Nuuk
Currency : Danish krone, code: DKK, sign: Dkr
Language : Greenlandic
Religion : Christianity
Driving mode : Right hand side of the road
Time zone : GMT-3
Coordinates : 71.7069ºN, 42.6043ºW
Area : 2,166,000 km²
ISO code : GL & GRL
Status : Autonomous territory within the Kingdom of Denmark
Source : Internet
Data updated on 01 July 2021
Parliament of Greenland
National Library of Greenland
Greenland lies between the Arctic and the North Atlantic Ocean in North America continent. Canada is to the west; Iceland & Europe are to the southeast.
National Museum of Greenland
Statue of Hans Egede
National flower of Greenland (Dwarf Fireweed)
National bird of Greenland (Eagle)
National tree of Greenland (Greenland Mountain Ash)
National sport of Greenland (Football)
National animal of Greenland (White Polar Bear)
National drink of Greenland (Greenlandic Coffee)
National dish of Greenland (Suaasat)