(Country in Asia)
National flag of Indonesia
Map of Indonesia
National emblem of Indonesia
Formal name           : The Republic of Indonesia
Continent                 : Asia
Government type   : Presidential republic
Capital                      : Jakarta
Currency                  : Indonesian Rupiah, code: IDR, sign: Rp
Language                 : Indonesian
Religion                    : Islam
Driving mode          : Left hand side of the road
Time zone                : GMT+7
Coordinates             : 0.7893ºS, 113.9213ºE
Area                          : 1,905,000 km²
ISO code                  : ID & IDN
Source                      : Internet
                                    Data updated on 01 July 2021
National poet of Indonesia (Chairil Anwar)

Indonesia is a country Asia continent but it is located in Southeast Asia. Indonesia is divided north and south by Equator. It borders on northwest with Malaysian Borneo Island. Southeast with Timor-Leste and on east it borders with Papua New Guinea. South is the Indian Ocean and on north is the Philippines. 

National fruit of Indonesia (Durian)
National flower of Indonesia (Moon Orchid)
National bird of Indonesia (Javan Hawk-eagle)
National animal of Indonesia (Komod Dragon)
National tree of Indonesia (Teak Tectona)
National fish of Indonesia (Arwana Merah)
National dish of Indonesia (Tumpeng)
National drink of Indonesia (Bajigur)
National game of Indonesia (Badminton)