(A city in the East Asia and special administrative region of China)
(Dependent territory)
Regional flag of Macau
Map of Macau
Regional emblem of Macau
Formal name : The Macao
Continent : Asia
Government type : Executive-led limited democracy
Capital : NA
Currency : Macanese Pataca, code: MOP, sign: MOP$
Language : Chinese, Portuguese
Religion : Buddhism
Driving mode : Left hand side of the road
Time zone : GMT+8
Coordinates : 22.1987ºN, 113.5439ºE
Area : 115.3 km²
ISO code : MO & MAC
Status : Special administrative region of China
Source : Internet
Data updated on 01 July 2021
Macao Legislative Assembly Building
Central Library of Macau
Macau located in the south coast of China.
Sun Yat Sen Memorial
Historic Centre of Macau
Macau Mosque & Cemetery
Casino in Macau
Macau flower (Lotus)
Macau bird (Macaw)
Macau tree (Antigo)