(Island in the Caribbean Sea, British Overseas Territory)
(Dependent territory)
Flag of Montserrat
Map of Montserrat
Coat of arms of Montserrat
Formal name : The Crown Colony of Montserrat
Continent : North America
Government type : Parliamentary democracy
Capital : Plymouth, Brades
Currency : Eastern Caribbean Dollar, code: XCD, sign: EC$
Language : English
Religion : Christianity
Driving mode : Left hand side of the road
Time zone : GMT-4
Coordinates : 16.7425ºN, 62.1874ºW
Area : 102 km²
ISO code : MS & MSR
Status : U.K. dependency
Source : Internet
Data updated on 01 July 2021
Montserrat Legislative Assembly
Montserrat Museum
Montserrat is a tiny island in the Caribbean Sea. Sometimes it is called the West Indies country. Montserrat is located southwest of Antigua,  northwest of Guadeloupe and southeast of St. Kitts & Nevis in the Caribbean Sea.
Terc de Montserrat Mausoleum
National flower of Montserrat (Red Heliconia)
National fruit of Montserrat (Banana)
National tree of Montserrat (Lobster-claws)
National bird of Montserrat (Montserrat Oriole)
National sport of Montserrat (Cricket)
National dish of Montserrat (Goat Water)
National drink of Montserrat (Punch Rum)