(Island country in the Oceania)
(British Commonwealth Member)
National flag of Nauru
Map of Nauru
National emblem of Nauru
Formal name           :The Republic of Nauru
Continent                 : Australia/Oceania
Government type   : Parliamentary representative democratic republic
Capital                      : No official capital. Government offices are located in the district of Yaren.
Currency                  : Australian Dollar, code: AUD, sign: $A
Language                 : Nauruan, English
Religion                    : Christianity
Driving mode          : Left hand side of the road
Time zone                : GMT+12
Coordinates             : 0.5228ºS, 166.9315ºE
Area                          : 21 km²
ISO code                  : NR & NRU
Source                      : Internet
                                    Data updated on 01 July 2021
National flower of Nauru (Calophyllum)
National bird of Nauru (Great frigatbird)

Nauru is an island country in Oceania continent and is located in the Western Pacific Ocean. Nauru has no land borders and is only 21 km² in size. Distance from Nauru to Australia is approximately 4,499 km (to southwest) and to New Zealand 4,561 km (to south).

National tree of Nauru (Tomano)
National sport of Nauru (Australian Rules Football)
National animal of Nauru (Great Frigatebird)
National dish of Nauru (Coconut fish)
National drink of Nauru (Iced coffee)