(Country in Asia)
National flag of Syria
Map of Syria
National emblem of Syria
Formal name           : The Syrian Arab Republic
Continent                 : Asia
Government type   : Presidential republic
Capital                      : Damascus
Currency                  : Syrian Pound, code: SYP, sign: £S
Language                 : Arabic
Religion                    : Islam
Driving mode          : Right hand side of the road
Time zone                : GMT+3
Coordinates             : 34.8021ºN, 38.9968ºE
Area                          : 185,180 km²
ISO code                  : SY & SYR
Source                      : Internet
                                    Data updated on 01 July 2021
People's Assembly of Syria
Session at People's Assembly of Syria
Syria is a country in Asia and it is located in the west side of the continent. Often it is called the country in the  “Middle East.” Syria shares land border with Turkey to the north, Jordan to the south, Iraq to the east, Lebanon & Mediterranean Sea to the west. 
Al-Assad National Library of Syria
Statue of Jesus in Syria
October War Panorama
National flower of Syria (Jasmine)
National bird of Syria (Northern Bald Ibis)
National tree of Syria (Olive tree)
National sport of Syria (Football)
National animal of Syria (Syrian Brown Bear)
National dish of Syria (Kibbeh)
National drink of Syria (Arak)